International Conference on Polymers and Moulds Innovations - PMI2016

Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, from 21 to 23 of September 2016



Since 2005 the International Conference on Polymers and Moulds Innovations (PMI) has been organized biannually in cooperation between the Institute for Polymers and Composites at the University of Minho, in Portugal, and the Centre for Polymer and Material Technologies at the University of Ghent, in Belgium.

This 7th edition of PMI follows the trend of the previous editions on establishing a forum for academics and specialists from the industry worldwide exchanging the more recent developments in the multidisciplinary area of plastics product and tool development.

Specific areas of interest include: additive manufacturing, polymer processing, rapid tooling, product and tool development, materials for products and tools, and sustainable use of recycled polymers.

Following the steady evolution of previous editions it is expected that participants from more than 20 countries gather at Ghent University  Ghent, Belgium. Their attendance at the conference will offer an excellent opportunity to disseminate the results of projects and research; to stimulate concepts or ideas; and to launch synergistic research collaborations for the future.

In 2016 the PMI conference will be hosted by Ghent University at the historical town of Ghent, from 21 to 23 of September 2016. Ghent is an exceptionally well-preserved and authentic example of the evolution of a medieval settlement into a modern town. 

PMI 2016 will be organized in five symposia:
1. Additive Manufacturing
2. Recycling & Sustainable product development
3. Injection Moulding & Moulds
4. Extrusion-based processing
5. Polymer & composite materials

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
· Additive manufacturing
· Advanced polymeric composites
· Developments in polymer processing
· Moulds and mould making innovations  
· Polymer recycling  
· Polymer processing simulation  
· Rapid tooling and Hybrid Moulds 
· Trends in product development
· Sustainable polymer reprocessing  


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