Current Supervising


[1] Seyed Mohammad Reza Moosavi, FCT scholarship with the reference SFRH/BPD/77467/2011, the subject is “Profile Extrusion Die design: Integrating flow and mechanical modeling codes with optimization procedures”, co-supervisor Miguel Nóbrega, start January 2012.


[1] Sónia Marisa Andrade Lopes da Cunha, FCT scholarship with the reference SFRH/BD/19997/2004, the subject is “High Performance Polymer Compounds Prepared by Single Screw Extruders”, co-supervisor José António Covas, started October of 2005.

[2] José Carlos Campos Ferreira, FCT scholarship with the reference SFRH/BD/22808/2005, the subject is “Selection of Solutions in Multi-Objective Environment Applied to Problems of Polymer Engineering”, co-supervisor Carlos Fonseca, started September of 2005.

[3] Marcos Proença de Almeida, CNP do Brasil scholarship, the subject is "Development of a framework for dealing with complex engineering problems", main supervisor Prof. António Castelo Filho do ICMC, USP- São Carlos, Brasil, started March of 2010.

[4] Laurens Delva, Belgian scholarship, the subject is “Influence of nanofillers on the processing and properties of polyolefin matrices”. My function is to be the support concerning the co-rotating twin-screw extrusion process.