Research interests

The main areas of my scientific activity are:

  • Modelling of polymer extrusion based processes;
  • Multi-objective Multidisciplinary Design and optimization systems (MO-MDO).

The present research interests are:

  • Modelling of single and twin-screw extrusion processes;
  • Optimization and design of single screw extruders;
  • Optimization and design of twin-screw extruders;
  • Optimization of the plasticization, injection moulding cycle and final part properties;
  • Development of MO-MDO systems for the above processes;
  • Modelling of mixing in polymer processing;
  • Modelling of the solids conveying zone using discrete element methdod;
  • Robustness analysis;
  • Decision making in multi-objective environment;
  • Feature selection using multi-objective optimization algorithms.